Top Android Games


Without a doubt, ┬áconstruction which has distinct objectives with bonus points for destroying the whole structure with as small critters as you can. But when you haven’t played before believing, “sounds exactly the same as countless other games I have attempted before.” But when you’ve tried it, you may know how addictive and fun this game will be and don’t worry – you won’t finish this game anytime soon clash royale astuce.


-More than 120 stimulating levels.

-Smooth premium quality images.

-Free upgrades containing new amounts.

Yes! Angry Bird edition of Android is totally free (in the cost of advertisements), so unquestionably download. Immense success and popularity of the game shows how great this game is. Try it, you will be disappointed.

I have always been a huge fan of tower defense matches. I’m comfortable and I’ll be playing for hours for much better. But unlike many games tower protection, defense Robo is among those that return to you – day daily. You see, this isn’t the exact same generic style of additional typical tower defense matches.

So what’s it?

I tried this with the free edition, which greeted me with a map, 1 opening and a single exit, and a collection of towers to pick from. Though this variant was fairly limited gameplay, it definitely seemed as though it had been worth spending # 2.99 complete edition. It has given me plenty of different degree of problem of their new towers in addition to a number of awards which you earn.

120 levels!

The entire game has 40 levels to fight through three distinct maps will provide you a total of 120 degrees. As every level has a length of 15-30 minutes, Robo might need to play defense long prior to its conclusion. To include replayability to the game and each time you win or lose the points of this sport that you’ve given to you the next time you perform. This lets you get upgrades for the towers, on another match.

Like I mentioned earlier – you will find a number of accomplishments it is possible to make playing. This might be something as straightforward as the bottom amount of 10 times or something considerably harder as winning the amount without updating one round. Many people today feel that these accomplishments very dull and not really worth the attempt. But other people, like me, locate these give the match a bit more thickness, it provides you something extra to target.

– 40 Amounts
– 3 Notifications
– Achievements
– Free Demo


Without a doubt, it’s beneficial to have a completely free edition. Even in the event that you arn’t positive if you like the sport of tower protection – you need to check that. When you’ve attempted the tower defense matches before and appreciated nearly as much as I do, then I suggest purchasing the complete version of Robo Defense for # 2.99.

Glow Hockey brings a completely new perspective into the sport pong typical. Here bright colours combined with rapid action to make a new retro design Air Conditioning Thurs it’s not difficult to play but incredibly hard to grasp, as great air hockey. On top of that, unlike the iPhone variant – it is totally free.


Glow Hockey is visually quite beautiful and has a very smooth gameplay. Sure, there is a lot of it – you need to defend the doorway hoping to have the record that the next objective. Nonetheless, it’s quite addictive and excellent fun. It ‘a shame, since it does not have any multiplayer, unlike the iPhone variant, but at least this version is totally free. Take good care of likely tired of it after a day or two, but until then isn’t bad.